Organizing Equipment 101: A Business Owner’s Guide to Efficient Work Places

Summary: The value of each maintenance tool that you own far surpasses its face value.

An aviation maintenance equipment company relies on speed and efficiency to get the job done. When major contracts are signed, it all comes down to how well the company performs. However, many businesses fail to reach the pinnacle of their success due to small mistakes and other inefficient methods.

Here are some tips that may help your company run a lot smoother.

Designated Storage Spaces

While it may sound straightforward, appropriating equipment to designated areas can improve worker efficiency. Think about it this way, if you’re looking to find a specific wrench in a toolbox full of wrenches, chances are you’re going to take a while to compare each one to ensure it fits the bill. The same goes for business tasks as well.

Take the time to create areas where equipment should be placed followed by an assortment of labels that all employees should be familiar with. For example, all portable GPU units must be returned at location “X” after use.

Employee Training

Keeping your employees trained and prepared for any task is a highly underrated task that all owners must prioritize. Your workers are the ones that’ll decide the fate of your company, which is why you need to pick and choose carefully.

Many manufacturers such as Start Pac for example, will include guides that show how to use each equipment piece and even how to clean them. It should be made clear to each employee that the use of all maintenance gear must be prepared exactly the way the manufacturer intended them to be. The consequences may be severe if this is neglected.

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